Which training is right for you?

If you are wondering which training is right for you, here are a few key points to think about:


  • If you are new to mountains and avalanches – Begin with an avalanche awareness class, this will give you an understanding of the risk involved with travel in and under snowy mountains.
  • If you already recreate in the snowy mountains – Sign up for a field session or an Avalanche 1 course. These will give you on-snow time with mentors and build on your experience.
  • If you want to practice and improve your avalanche rescue skills – Take an avalanche rescue class. This is a stand-alone full-day class geared toward getting you tuned and efficient at companion rescue.
  • If you took an Avalanche 1 course years ago, but feel rusty – Take an Avalanche Refresher or Ongoing Skills class. This will get your mind back in the game.
  • If you are a backcountry leader or want to delve deeper into appropriate terrain choice – Take an Avalanche 2 course. This will develop your teamwork and decision making skills further.
  • If you primarily ride a snowmachine – Take a Motorized class. Avalanche & Backcountry Riding Safety will get you planning and preparing for the WHAT IFs out there.


  • If you are thinking about working in the winter outdoor industry –¬†follow the recreational path to gain backcountry experience, then sign up for a PRO 1 class.
  • If you have already worked in the industry and have PRO 1 under your belt – look at your options for PRO 2.

Avalanche education in the United States is under transition to a PROFESSIONAL/RECREATIONAL split. Beginning 2016/17 courses will have a REC or PRO designation to better prepare you for what you want to accomplish in the mountains.

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Sarah Carter