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Alaskans who live, play, and work in avalanche terrain need AVALANCHE RESCUE skills. Knowing how to respond to an avalanche emergency can save lives.

  • Learn how to effectively organize an avalanche search
  • Learn efficient methods of using an avalanche transceiver, probe, and shovel
  • Learn how to attend to and evacuate an avalanche victim

This class adheres to the American Avalanche Association guidelines for the recreational avalanche rescue.

The Alaska Avalanche Information Center partners with community organizations to host avalanche rescue classes for different ages and user groups.

Class Length: Full Day, Classroom and Field

Locations and Dates:

Anchorage, Arctic Valley   December 9, 2017  8:30am-5:30pm   Register Here

Anchorage, Arctic Valley  January 13, 2018  8:30am-5:30pm  Register Here

Haines, Alaska                    February 22, 2018 9am-6pm                Register Here

Cost: $125

Ages 14 to adult.

Find other upcoming avalanche education opportunities near you <here>.  www.dev.alaskasnow.org/education/course-offerings/

beacon probe shoveldsc04840glennallen-crew-practicing-companion-rescueIf you have a group or organization who would like to host an Avalanche Rescue class in your community, please contact our Education Director, Sarah Carter 907.255.2242.



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