1.24.19 Snow Report

Hey snow lovers! The Alaska Avalanche Information Center here with your weekly
snow report thanks to Kendall Toyota and Q997.

Temperatures are expected to remain below zero through most of the interior this
week. Coastal areas are expected to be more moderate and may see several inches
of new snow as small systems pass through between now and early next week.

Snow conditions along the Parks Highway, Glenn, and up to Eureka, and Lake
Louise are open and groomed regularly. There are many reports in from teams
exploring the Easter Alaska Range that riding conditions are good.

With consistent low temperatures, the snow pack throughout the state has gained
strength. There are many reports of good conditions from Hatcher Pass, Turnagain
Arm and the Thompson Pass areas. Forecasters caution that persistent weak layers
continue to be cause for concern and advise careful observation of the snowpack.

Valdez is the place to be this weekend as the AAIC hosts a series of snow safety
workshops starting Friday the 25th at the Valdez Civic Center. Learn more and
register at Alaska Snow dot org.

That’s it for this week, travel smart and train like a pro so you can live to ride another

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Kyle Klause