1.10.19 Snow Report

Hey snow lovers, the Alaska Avalanche Information Center here with your weekly snow Riders report thanks to Backcountry Access and Country Legends.

A surge of arctic air came down this week bringing has brought sub zero temperatures to most of the state this week. Expect cold temperatures to continue through the weekend with warmer temperatures and a chance for snow expected by early next week.

The snowpack in Hatcher Pass is building with reports of great surface snow conditions coming in. Persistent weak layers continue to concern forecasters who warn that as the snowpack builds, the danger of slab avalanches to injure or kill riders is also likely to increase.

Turnagain Arm appears to have gained stability but forecasters caution that avalanches are still possible.

Reports for Petersville north highlight continuing trail grooming this season but encourage everyone who rides this area to get involved to help secure future funding.

To best prepare yourself for a backcountry mission make sure you have the appropriate gear, take an avalanche rescue class, and always travel with experienced partners you can depend on in an emergency.

Join the Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center and partners on Saturday, January 19th at 11 am for a free two-hour workshop. Great for families, snowmachiners, skiers, sledders and anyone who just loves to hike in the snow.

Where ever you plan to travel or recreate, get the latest forecasts,observations and education opportunities at alaska snow dot org.

That’s it for this week!Travel smart and train like a pro so you can live to ride another day!


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Kyle Klause