Meredith Condon, Instructor










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AAIC Instructor 2018, AIARE Level 1, NOLS Pro Level 2 Avalanche Cert, EMT, W-EMT, Rigging for Rescue

"I'm an instructor for NOLS; for the past three years I've been taking people on expedition-style, backcountry skiing/riding/winter camping trips in the Teton Valley and hiking/mountaineering trips mainly in the Chugach mountains. I started snowboarding regularly after moving to the West Coast in 07-08. I quickly discovered splitboarding and spent the early part of this decade riding big volcanoes in Oregon and Washington. I've lived in Sitka for 4 years and have enjoyed the physical and emotional adventure that is Southeast Alaska backcountry skiing.

I love the combination of outdoor adventure and education. As a fairly recent transplant to Alaska, I'm excited to be part of a team that is taking on the huge task of avalanche education in this state. Connecting smaller communities like Sitka to a support network is so important for their ability to maintain a level of awareness that will help prevent accidents. Often, the momentum for education and programming comes in the aftermath of tragedy and I would hate to see that happen in Sitka. My personal snow sport goals include exploring new lines on Baranof Island, learning how to ski, and a stretch goal of one day owning a sled."
- Meredith Condon