Jonny Cromwell, Forecaster/Instructor

Forecaster and Instructor

"I’ve been coming and going from Haines for eight years now, but recently decided to make the northern mountains a full time home. I began teaching avalanches classes in shallow, windswept snowpacks of Colorado and since taught Awareness and Level 1 classes in Washington, Idaho and Oregon before moving north to Alaska. The potential here is tremendous: the mountains offer the snowy canvases and vistas of my dreams, and the opportunity to help small towns develop these resources responsibly through access, Avalanche education, mentorship, and community building is exciting to be a part of.

As a native Canadian, I try to keep a ski in both Canada and the US which has taken me through both the AAA and the CAA education curriculums. In the future I look forward to growing the link between Canadian and the American avalanche programs, particularly in the mountains around Haines, where Canadians and Americans often recreate in the same terrain.

I hope one day to develop a more effective snow dance that guarantees bigger, reliable dumps of light powder snow. Until then you can either find me trying out new dance moves in my living room, or out on the slopes checking their effectiveness."
- Jonny Cromwell