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Pit results:

CT 3 


PST 50/100 end, down 50cm on that hard icy layer, 30 degree slope

~Rutsch/~Ak Block – failure on approach

Layering density: fist for the new, Credit card for the ice-this layer is getting weaker, 4 fingers the rest of the way down. A tree at the bottom, so the facets there and roundedsintered grains higher up made sense. (normally you redig if you find a tree in your pit, but we did not).

We dug skiers left of ‘Shrimp’, a couloir separating Eagle Peak and South Pitmann’s ridge. You may know it at the access to Fruitbowl from Dick’s Pond. We were too close to the trees, and the snow was scary unconsolidated and deep. Off skis we both went to our chests.  58°15'30.13"N, 134°30'6.98"W. 2400’ elev. Started in heavy snow and wind,but clearing and fog by the end.

Plenty of red flags in the pit, but no whumpfs, visible slides, or collapsing. Our brains told us two new snow events on top of a reactive sliding surface. The most recent one earlier today. So the lower angle-uptrack was a good choice for the first descent.  In retrospect, we failed again on the 2nd descent. Loading the slope with skiers- due to the light issue, and accessing much steeper terrain. But our luck held and other than very minor sluffing, even the steepest pitches didn’t budge. F your eye there were a 1/2 dozen tracks in the second steeper chute, but only ours in the far chute. All that is academic today as in bounds is closed for avy control.

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