Detailed Observation

ObserverGrant Wilson

General Observations

South couloir packed with 1-2feet of fresh storm snow. Skied the upper couloir (from summit ridge) which joins the main couloir. Snowpit observations confirmed windloading of the recent storm snow (ranging 4-12in depth). The storm slab sat on 3ft of well bonded ice/granular snow. Performed a ski cut before my run, which popped a 40ft crown. Because there were no weak layers failing (simple sliding on the bulletproof bed surface) and the snow was dry, the avalanche did not propagate across the entire couloir, but ran 2300ft down the main couloir to where it fanned out at the bottom. We were still able to find fresh turns on the side of the avalanche path. At the bottom the debris pile was about 150-200ft wide. 

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Observed Avalanche Activity