Managing Stress In The Backcountry

Laura McGladrey, a NOLS Wilderness Medicine instructor and Nurse Practitioner with dual certification, practicing both emergency medicine and psychiatry has adapted The Stress Continuum as a way of managing stress. The continuum is a self-assessment tool and can help those affected by a single incident, or cumulative stress, to detect early and late changing reactions caused by overwhelming stress.


Many of the resources are tools provided by The Responder Alliance and revolve around mental health wellness and stress injury management. The stress continuum can also be used pro-actively as a way to monitor and communicate stress among backcountry riding partner and in an operational setting. Another way to think about it is as a forecasting tool for human factors.


The American Avalanche Association (A3) webinar on Strategies for Dealing with Work-Related Stress in the Snow & Avalanche Community has valuable take home points for not only professionals, but anyone who spends time in the mountains.


Check out the A3 webinar and The Responder Alliance webpage for more information.


*Graphic image from the The Responder Alliance

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Jeff Moskowitz