12.27.18 KMBQ Snow Report

Happy holiday season snow riders! Here’s your weekly snow report from the Alaska Avalanche Information Center thanks to Toyota and Q99.7

Storms have continued to produce new snowfall throughout South Central and Central Alaska this week. The national weather service tells us Alaska is experiencing a “very active weather pattern” and to expect several more fast moving systems to come through the area within the next week.

Forecasters for the CNFAIC, Hatcher Pass, and Valdez evaluate the avalanche danger and post hazard updates at alaskasnow dot org, always check the forecast before you head out. Several teams have taken advantage of safe weather windows and gotten the goods in the Turnagain Arm and Hatcher Pass areas.

Likewise, conditions have reached their prime in the Eastern Alaska Range and Thompson Pass.

Remember, always allow new snow to settle for at least 24 hours before approaching alpine terrain.

As the new snow continues to stack up, pay close attention to how well the new layers are bonding with the old. Make frequent observations and share what you see at alaskasnow dot org.

The AAIC will host a special full-day rider’s workshop on Janauary 5th at Eureka Lodge with Iron Dog champion Chris Olds. Space is limited. Check under the “Learn” tab at Alaska Snow dot org to reserve your spot.

That’s it for this week! Be like the pros, ride smart and safe so you can live to ride another day!

This reported submitted by Kyle Klause

Text or call 907-255.2242 to learn more or be included in future reports.

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